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Despite strictly enforced federal statutes in place to monitor and enforce safety in product manufacturing, defective products hurt people every day. Many people are even killed by products that the manufacturers either knew – or should have known – were dangerous. If a product harms you in the course of its normal use and you weren’t warned of this risk, the manufacturer of that product may be held responsible.

The key to winning a product liability lawsuit is a complete and thorough investigation of all the parties that may have had a role in causing your injury. There can be numerous parties involved in the manufacture, delivery, and sale of a defective product, including the:

  • Manufacturer
  • Assembler
  • Supplier Testing lab
  • Ad agency
  • Distributor
  • Retailer
  • Repairer

When faced with the potential of a lawsuit for a defective product, any one or all of these parties is more than willing to engage in cover up, sabotage, non-disclosure, or foul play to avoid culpability. An attorney with the knowledge, experience, and tenacity to get to the bottom of what went wrong with the defective product that caused your injury and who was responsible is vital to prosecuting a successful product liability case.

At The Smith Law Center, we are experts in investigating every aspect of a defective product case. We know where to look for the information required in establishing strong cases for our defective product injury clients. We understand the many layers involved in each case, and we know how to get answers to the questions which the makers of products don’t like to disclose.

The Smith Law Center offers products liability legal representation across a wide range of consumer products, including aircraft, auto equipment, boats and boating equipment, insecticides, medical devices, hazardous substances, highway safety equipment, household refrigerators, packaging, mobile homes, motor vehicles, natural gas pipelines and products related to occupational safety and health.

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Securing Evidence for Defective Products

After you have received proper medical attention for an injury incurred through a defective product, you or a family member should contact an attorney immediately to assist you in securing and protecting the integrity of the physical evidence that caused the injury. While no product liability case is the same, every case requires making critical decisions early in the process. We move swiftly to prevent potential evidence tampering by third parties.

Don’t forget that the moment you are injured by a company’s defective item or failure to adequately warn you of its hazards, you become a liability to the manufacturer. Retaining an attorney from our offices ensures that the evidence is properly collected and analyzed by experts for testimony before a court of law.

Product Liability Research & Investigation

Once the evidence is secured, it needs to be fully reviewed and analyzed against existing laws regarding the product’s history, use, and prior problems. The federal government has established numerous agencies and laws to monitor and ensure that products manufactured in the United States do not pose threats to public safety. In addition, information from private foundations and consumer advocacy groups about the safety requirements and standards for specific products is abundant.

However, the amount of information can often be overwhelming for the average person, particularly if the injury he or she has incurred is severe and impairs their ability to function normally.

Through our work on numerous product liability cases, the attorneys at The Smith Law Center have established winning processes that coordinate the multiple levels of research and inquiry required to build a strong case. Our knowledge and application of the many laws that govern products liability is a critical asset to our clients.

Expert Testimonials

Expert testimony is another important factor in most product liability cases. The Smith Law Center has access to a nationwide network of subject matter experts across a broad range of product areas. We work hard to obtain the right expert to offer scientific and/or professional expertise about the defective product that will greatly strengthen your personal injury claim and our odds of success in a court of law.


There is a great deal more to products liability law than has been addressed here, but it’s clear that an attorney is essential in any personal injury claim resulting from a defective product. If you or a family member has been significantly injured through a defective product, contact The Smith Law Center today for a free consultation at (757) 695-9263.


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