How Can a Newport News Truck Accident Lawyer Help You?

After a commercial truck accident, individuals and families need immediate help with medical treatment, lost wages, and the trauma they’ve endured. A qualified Newport News truck accident attorney can help handle all the legal work needed to secure vital recovery funds.

The right lawyer for your Newport News truck accident is an experienced local attorney with proven results. The ability of your attorney to thoroughly investigate and negotiate your case could make the difference between an adequate recovery vs. a substantial settlement that truly works to make you whole again.

Not all personal injury lawyers have experience in semi-truck and commercial vehicle accidents. Unlike car accidents between two average drivers, these cases involve professional drivers, trucking companies, business interests, and corporate insurance lawyers. The intimidation factor leads many to accept lowball offers from the opposing side. You deserve better than that, and in fact are entitled to full compensation under the law. You only need an attorney who can make your case.

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You only have one chance to secure a payout that will cover all your past and future care needs. That is why proven experience matters. At the Smith Law Center located in Hampton, we have the ability to investigate your crash with our network of experts right away, while the evidence is still fresh. We can work to protect your rights in the immediate aftermath of a collision, so you can focus on your health or being there for your injured loved one.

Contact the Smith Law Center at (757) 695-9425 for a free consultation. We know the roads, highways, and hazards in Newport News, and that comprehensive local knowledge can help strengthen your case for the best possible outcome.

Quote from Linda: “Mr. Smith fought for me and he fought for my family, he really did, and it’s just amazing. Because we were talking, and any other lawyer could have could have settled but he said no, it wasn’t fair what they did to me. […] Best phone call I ever made.”

What Can a Newport News Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer Do For You?

An experienced tractor trailer truck accident attorney can help you by:

✅ Investigating your collision, its causes, and all potential parties involved

✅ Gathering the physical evidence and documentation needed for negotiations or trial

✅ Researching the relevant local and state statutes that pertain to your case

✅ Building a comprehensive legal strategy with expert testimony and provable facts

✅ Negotiating a pre-trial settlement or litigating in court for the best possible remedy for your future

As a multi-generational family-run firm, we at the Smith Law Center understand what Newport News families need to heal and move on after a harrowing commercial truck accident. We handle the deadlines on your behalf, keep you updated on your case’s progress, and will be your advocates until a successful outcome is reached.

Contact our Virginia offices at (757) 695-9425 — our Newport News truck accident attorneys handle the legal work so that you can focus on getting your life back after the difficult experience of a crash.

What Kind of Settlement Can a Newport News 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Secure?

Settlements and verdicts differ greatly between cases depending on the injuries suffered and the type of negligence that caused those injuries. Potentials areas of compensation may include:

  • Medical bills including the long-term aftercare needed for brain and spinal cord injuries due to whiplash
  • Lost wages and the loss of employment-related benefits like retirement savings, health insurance, or 401K contributions
  • Pain and suffering damages for both physical pain and psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD
  • Adaptive services such as medical equipment like wheelchairs, home modifications for the injured person’s accessibility needs, and family therapy to help your entire household adjust to a new reality
  • Wrongful death damages for the untimely loss of a loved one, including funds to replace their lost income, as well as compensation for the loss of their irreplaceable companionship

The long-term costs of 18-wheeler accidents could include an entire lifetime of care. An experienced Newport News semi-truck accident attorney can help calculate those projected expenses, account for rises in inflation, and ensure that this one settlement is enough to actually maintain high-quality care for as long as you need it.

Our case results at the Smith Law Center include a truck accident settlement for $10,220,668 against Werner Transportation for a woman with a mild TBI. It is believed to be the largest personal injury verdict in Virginia history. We will seek the maximum amount of compensation for all that you’ve suffered — it’s what you and your family fairly deserve.

Smith Law Center Attorneys

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Our lawyers are more than lawyers. They are people who understand your injuries and the law that surrounds your options when it comes to holding others accountable.

What Injuries Can a Newport News Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Sue For?

Our Newport News semi-truck accident lawyers have represented victims of truck collisions who have sustained a wide range of injuries, such as:

Due to the oversized nature of commercial vehicles, the occupants of the passenger cars are almost always the ones to suffer injury or death due to a collision. Even when the truck driver is at fault, they are not the most vulnerable to severe injury in a commercial truck accident — you are.

The overwhelming feelings of injustice you may be experiencing can be helped by a lawsuit. In addition to the tangible benefit of settlement money, being heard in court and having your injuries officially acknowledged as someone else’s fault can also be healing.

Achieving a settlement can help you close out this tragic chapter of your life and move on to a better future.

The Top 4 Common Causes of Newport News Truck Accidents

The cause of your case often is the key piece of evidence that proves liability on the part of the truck driver or trucking company. In Newport News, Virginia and across the U.S., more than half of all truck collisions could be traced back to one of the following causes.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the four most common causes of truck accidents are:

  1. Non-performance by the driver, meaning they were not properly operating the vehicle due to driver fatigue or driving under the influence (DUI)
  2. Lack of recognition of dangers on the road due to distractions like onboard technology or cell phone usage
  3. Poor decisions such as speeding, following too closely, or an inaccurate judgment of surroundings like assuming they had more time to stop without going into a skid
  4. Inappropriate performances such as panicking, freezing, losing control of the vehicle, or overcorrecting can cause a collision, rollover, or jack-knifing

Truck drivers are professionally trained to handle dangerous vehicles safely. Because of this extra level of training and responsibility, their mistakes may carry a higher level of accountability than the mistakes average drivers may make on the road.

Likewise, vehicle maintenance issues like brake problems are also part of the job performance of either the driver or the mechanics employed by the trucking company. A failure to perform the scheduled maintenance checks on a vehicle may be a contributing factor in your case.

Whether a trucking company failed to properly train its driver or a mechanical failure triggered the crash, many truck accidents can be traced back to negligence. By proving the causes of negligence, your Newport News truck accident lawyer builds a case for maximum compensation for your injuries.

A recent crash report from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) shows a rise in crashes and fatalities in the state. Newport News City had 16 deaths and over 1,900 injuries due to motor vehicle accidents in just one year. By filing a lawsuit, you help hold dangerous drivers accountable before more people in our community are harmed.

Who Can Be Sued in a Newport News Trucking Accident Lawsuit?

Deciding who can be sued for a truck accident involves an investigation to determine who may be at fault. There are often multiple defendants in trucking accident cases, including the:

  • Truck driver
  • Trucking company
  • Cargo company
  • Truck manufacturer of a defective part
  • Maintenance company

Because so many parties are involved, truck accident investigations can be far more complicated than car and motorcycle accident cases. However, your Newport News truck accident lawyer will assign professional investigators to your case in order to determine all potential defendants for your lawsuit.

By identifying all the negligent parties, we are able to explore all avenues of compensation you may be entitled to. This helps maximize your claim, which in turn can greatly improve your quality of life.

My accident changed my life drastically. My cognitive function was hugely impaired. The headaches were quite severe. There was a ray of hope when I contacted The Smith Law Center. Every one of my phone calls was met with reassurance; I felt supported beyond measure. […] Now that I possess the final settlement check, I can put this event behind me. I have a sense of closure and peace of mind. If I ever need an attorney again, the Smith Law Center will be my one and only contact. I remain eternally grateful.
Marybeth, former client

Contact Experienced Newport News Truck Accident Attorneys

There are two key benefits to hiring a Newport News truck accident attorney for your case:

  1. You get peace of mind knowing a professional is handling the precise legal work on your behalf.
  2. You are far more likely to receive a higher payout result — an average of 300% higher when represented by an experienced attorney.

You are 91% likely to walk away with a settlement if you have a lawyer, instead of only 51% likely without one. Put simply, a truck accident attorney is likely to secure you better results with far less work on your behalf.

Being your advocate is more than a career for us, it’s a calling. Let us help your family through this difficult time, and do good for our whole community in Virginia by holding negligent actors accountable. Contact the Smith Law Center at (757) 695-9425 — we will put the full power of our experience at your service.


Newport News Truck Accident FAQs

What should I do after a Newport News truck accident?

Your first priority after an accident is medical attention for any obvious injuries. It is important to get checked out whether you feel hurt or not, as some internal damages and brain injuries can only be diagnosed by a trained medical professional. The longer these injuries go undetected and untreated, the more harm they can cause, including permanent handicaps or early death.

Once your medical needs are met, the next most important step is to call a local Newport News truck accident attorney. A lawyer can help protect your rights, speak on your behalf, and secure evidence while it is still available (not lost or damaged). We can also advise you and your family on the best course of action for preserving the integrity of your future case. You don’t have to guess — rely on experienced advice during the crucial first moments after a crash

How do I find the best Newport News tractor trailer accident attorney for my case?

When searching for the best tractor trailer accident lawyer to represent you, the top indication of future success is past success. Consider the following questions:

Has the attorney you’re considering handled cases involving tractor trailer truck accidents? Do they have proven experience in litigating for your unique injuries? Are they willing to go to trial before a judge or jury, and how recent was their last courtroom appearance? Does the law firm have the long-term stability and resources needed to build a strong case?

At the Smith Law Center, we work on contingency fees, which means we invest in your case upfront, and only collect payment for our services if we are successful on your behalf. We also build a rapport with our clients and keep open communication throughout the process to alleviate any worries you may experience on the way.

How can I best prepare for my semi-truck accident lawsuit?

It is your attorney’s job to prepare for negotiations or trial — not yours. Our lawyers gather the information needed for your case independently, demand documents from the other side via subpoena, and with your permission access any relevant medical records related to your injuries.

That being said, there are a few steps you can take to help benefit your case. First, make a written account of the accident and the events leading up to it while your memory is fresh. Second, keep any receipts or paperwork related to medical care or your employment. Third, do not speak with the other party or their insurance representatives before consulting with your own lawyer.

How long do I have to file a tractor trailer accident lawsuit?

The timeline for filing a tractor trailer accident lawsuit depends on the laws of your state. The Smith Law Center is located in Virginia, where the filing deadline for truck accident cases is 2 years from the date of the crash.

Contact our semi-truck accident lawyers at (757) 244-7000 right away following a crash. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the less you’ll have to worry about regarding legal matters, and the better able we’ll be to preserve key pieces of evidence for your case. Don’t wait — let us handle this important work on your behalf.

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